Watch the First Official Clip from 'The Dark Knight Rises'

As of yet, any footage from "The Dark Knight Rises" has been presented in trailer form only: short clips put together as part of a larger piece, not giving us much of a sense of the movie's actual pacing and tone. But today, the first official clip from "The Dark Knight Rises" has hit the Web.

The clip, which premiered on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" isn't particularly spoileriffic, but in case you're one of the many who want to go into "The Dark Knight Rises" knowing very little of the plot, here's your very minor SPOILER ALERT.

In the clip, Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) speaks with John Blake, the new character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It would seem that the clip is from earlier in the film, as the two discuss Batman in a way that suggests that he's still gone.

The clip also reveals the amount of time that has passed in between the events of "The Dark Knight" and this final installment in the trilogy: Blake mentions that the "last confirmed sighting of The Batman" was eight years ago. Blake goes on to question Gordon about who Batman really was, to which Gordon replies with a bit of cryptic insight.

Check out the first official clip from "The Dark Knight Rises" below: