Watch An Unreleased 'Glee' Season Finale Clip

Watch An Unreleased 'Glee' Season Finale Clip It's not exactly official, but it is a taste of what's to come from the "Glee" third-season finale.

That's a very polite way of stating what the headline should've have made obvious: SPOILER AHEAD.

Via Perez Hilton, this fan-shot snippet from the shooting of the FOX hit musical's graduation episode for the McKinley High Class of 2012 ought to fuel some speculation. It's less than a minute in footage that doesn't leave a lot of doubt about at least a part of the fate of Finchel. Rachel (Lea Michele) might've blown her NYADA audition, but it doesn't look like that means she's sticking around Lima, OH for long.

The clip looks to show her leaving on a train as Finn (Michele's for-realsies beau Cory Monteith) becomes many, many a cliché as he runs alongside it. Oh, and Rachel can also be seen/heard singing "Roots and Branches" as she departs.

A fair warning is merited to watch this clip while you can. Networks and studios don't mind a little tease, as long as they're the ones calling the shots concerning what gets revealed. Just a hunch, but it's a pretty safe bet that "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy doesn't want a nation of Gleeks having too good an idea what the future has in store for these two Lima lovers.

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