Watch an 'Honest' Trailer Bashing 'The Hunger Games'

No matter how big a fan of "The Hunger Games" you might be, there are probably some things about the movie that you didn't like. Maybe it was the obnoxious shakycam in District 12. Perhaps you were annoyed that they skipped over the whole Avox thing. Or maybe it bothered you that the arena didn't really seem all that dangerous, and for that matter neither did District 12, as everyone seemed to have plenty of food.

The "Honest Trailer" guys have all of these problems with the movie, plus many more. Brought to you by Screen Junkies, the Honest Trailer series takes some of the most popular movies out there and... well, pretty much tears them a new one.

This Honest Trailer for "The Hunger Games," in honor of the Blu-Ray and DVD release of the movie, bring any and all of the movie's flaws to light. Some, like the ones mentioned above, have been discussed since the movie came out. Others are a little more picky.

They're right on the money with the lack of internal struggle for Katniss, some of the holes in the plot as far as technology goes, and important plot points being left out. Other complaints seem unfounded: it's mentioned in the book that everyone is provided with a television, so that explains the projector. And since when was Jennifer Lawrence's performance flat and emotionless? I call it nuanced. Wanna fight about it?

However, the most important gripe about the movie brought up in the Honest Trailer is this: Gale is just way hotter than Peeta. Right?