Watch Jennifer Lawrence in the 'House at the End of the Street' Trailer

Poor Jennifer Lawrence. It seems no matter what movie she's in, somebody is always trying to chaser her down and kill her. First it was "The Hunger Games," and now "The House at the End of the Street."

Okay, so nobody was trying to kill her in "Like Crazy," but still.

"The House at the End of the Street" is Jennifer Lawrence's next movie following "The Hunger Games," even though she shot the film before she shot "Hunger Games." A bright move on the part of Relativity, knowing that they could bank on Lawrence's newfound fame post-Katniss to try to bring in audiences.

The movie is a horror flick with a bit of a time element, as Lawrence plays a girl who moves into a new home with her mother (Elizabeth Shue), right down the street from a house where a double murder took place. The action looks to move between that original murder and the present, where Lawrence and Shue have their own threat to deal with.

The movie, which hits theaters in September, is not to be confused with "Last House on the Left," though it almost certainly will be.

Check out the trailer for "The House at the End of the Street" starring Jennifer Lawrence: