Watch Jimmy Fallon Birth The Glammed-Out Jesus Freak Mash-Up 'Tebowie'

Watch Jimmy Fallon Birth The Glammed-Out Jesus Freak Mash-Up 'Tebowie' Suppose some marvel of mad science built a celebrity-fusing super-collider.

Suppose you somehow lured ultra-pious Denver Broncos quarterback phenom Tim Tebow and a "Ziggy Stardust"-era David Bowie into this thing.

Don't get hung up asking who would do that, or why. Let's just do the time-warp again, and go with it, savvy?

"Late Night" snark-meister Jimmy Fallon's Nobel Prize probably isn't exactly in the mail, but behold his creation that answers this seconds-old, provocative query: "Tebowie."

With Tebow's Broncos squaring off with the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots this weekend with the winner marching one step closer to the Super Bowl, Fallon took two great tastes that go great together - androgyny and living life on fire for Jesus Christ - and rewrote Bowie's legendary "Space Oddity" as a game-time conversation between the late-game comeback kid and God's only begotten son.

"Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ," a fully dolled-up Fallon sang. "Can't win by myself/but with Your help, I might . . ."

This is just glorious. In the wake of Bill Maher's harsh Christmas Eve tweets and the public suggestions by fellow players that Tebow tone down the PDA for his Lord and Savior, people will probably complain. Forget them. Compared with some of the more mean-spirited things that have been said about Tebow, he gets off pretty light here. For that matter, Tebow doesn't seem like he cares. He comes across as so selfless, that he'd rather take all this grief while his team keeps winning than venture from what seemingly keeps his head right, take a little less vitriol himself and do less than he has carrying his load and leading the team.

Besides, Bowie's got one damn deep repertoire Fallon could theoretically keep mining if the Broncos keep on winning.

And this is probably just me, but I've got a suggestion I think we should all email Fallon's "Late Night" writers. After all, is it just me, or does Timmy remind you of the babe . . . ?

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