Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Try to Kill Bruce Willis in 'Looper' Trailer

How many movies do you know where the main character is trying to chase down and kill himself? There aren't many of them, which makes "Looper" an interesting new twist on the mob movie.

A new international trailer is out for "Looper," featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a hitman for the mob in a future where time travel is possible. He has an easy setup: the mob sends people back in time, he kills them and gets paid. His latest hit is a problem, though: it's him, from the future.

The result is a pretty exciting and action-packed trailer that shows JGL hunting down his future self, only to find that there's more to the plan than he thought. Also notable: the makeup used to make JGL look like Willis.

It should be noted that director Rian Johnson has warned us about watching these upcoming trailers too closely: "They don't ruin the movie, but they tip a few things," he noted. So, they're not exactly spoilers, but they might tip some surprised from the movie.

Check out the latest trailer for "Looper" below: