Watch Lily Collins as Snow White in the 'Mirror Mirror' Trailer

It's almost comical watching the rival Snow White movies--"Snow White and the Huntsman" with Kristen Stewart and "Mirror Mirror" with Lily Collins--competing for our attention as they count down to their heavily modified release dates, which were changed over and over in an effort to get to theaters before the other.

It's like two kids trying to cut each other in line for ice cream.

So, since "Snow White and the Huntsman" gave us a full trailer on Saturday featuring K-Stew as the fairytale princess, it's no surprise that "Mirror Mirror" has released its trailer just a few days later. If this war is to be won with earlier releases of photos and trailers, "Huntsman" definitely has the edge thus far. Of course, it also can legally use the words "Snow White" in its title, so that's a big win.

There's one way that the two trailers are similar: there's a lot more of the Evil Queen than there is of Snow White. In this case, that means Julia Roberts has most of the lines in the trailer, while newcomer Lily Collins (who hasn't had the help of "Twilight" to boost her profile) gets only a few toward the end.

In pretty much every other way, the trailers are completely different. The tone of "Mirror Mirror" couldn't be less similar to "Huntsman," as it seems to be taking a very light, comedic approach to the story, with a bit of a feminist twist near the end as well.

There are some cringe-worthy jokes to be sure, but it looks like "Mirror Mirror" might end up doing better than "Huntsman" just because it's more fun. Check out the trailer below, and let us know which one you think looks better: "Snow White and the Huntsman," or "Mirror Mirror?"

Watch the trailer for "Mirror Mirror":