Watch Michael Madsen Beat Up Justin Bieber in 'As Long As You Love Me' Music Video

"Kill Bill" star Michael Madsen is about to become a hero to Justin Bieber haters and an enemy to Beliebers everywhere.

Bieber has released his newest music video for his single "As Long As You Love Me," proving that apparently it's okay to take titles from The Backstreet Boys now, and Madsen makes a rather violent appearance in the video, roughing up the Canadian pop star.

The video begins with a long and dramatic intro (yeah, it's one of THOSE videos) that features a scene between Bieber and Madsen as the former professes his love for the latter's daughter. That prompts Madsen's character to threaten him to stay away from the girl, or else.

The rest of the video continues that narrative, mixed with the usual dancing and Bieber looking pensive and (with his new, gritty, adult persona, if you want to call it that) rather tortured. The story culminates in Madsen beating Bieber up, and in fact Bieber sings with the bruises on his face at points iin the video.

It's probably all some kind of visual metaphor about how love can kick you in the teeth and whatnot, but those who have had quite enough of Bieber's schtick will probably get some satisfaction out of it.

Check out Justin Bieber's new "As Long As You Love Me" music video below: