Watch the Most Ridiculous Trailer for 'Storage Wars' Season 3 [Video]

Watch the Most Ridiculous Trailer for 'Storage Wars' Season 3 [Video] Those who are familiar with A&E's wildly addictive reality show "Storage Wars" are well aware of the theatrics that some of the show's stars are prone to exhibiting. Brandi and Jarrod rib each other, Darrell fuels a feud with Dave, who has practically built a brand around his "yeeeeeep," and Barry... well, Barry is the essence of theatricality.

But even with all that, the new trailer for "Storage Wars" season three is easily the most overdramatic thing to ever hit the show. In the trailer, our heroes take the "war" thing a little too seriously, driving to the storage facility in military vehicles: Barry takes a helicopter (with a monkey co-pilot), Dave has a Humvee, Brandi and Jarrod show up in a sleek Bond-style car, etc.

We have seen the cast members do some crazy stuff, including firing a working cannon, but to see Darrell rappelling from a roof, Dave wielding a flamethrower, and Barry (and his monkey) firing a machine gun is all still pretty weird. And simultaneously amazing.

The "Storage Wars" season three premiere will be on Tuesday, June 5 at 10PM on A&E.

Check out the "Storage Wars" season three trailer below:

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