Watch Mr. Wizard Be a Total Jerk to Children

Watch Mr. Wizard Be a Total Jerk to Children Before "MythBusters" starting mistreating dummies and blowing stuff up for fun, and before "Bill Nye the Science Guy" or "Beakman's World" ever made a cartoonish science demo, there was Mr. Wizard. And apparently he wasn't always very nice.

"Watch Mr. Wizard" was one of the original science TV shows for kids, and featured host Don Herbert as he performed small science experiments with the help of a young assistant. The concept is simple: bring in a curious kid as a sounding board, and Mr. Wizard will teach them about science.

This supercut provides some evidence that perhaps Herbert wasn't as kid-friendly as he seemed to be: the video is a barrage of short clips of Mr. Wizard correcting, ribbing, and basically condescending to kids.

Luckily, the result is hilarious and not heartbreaking, though you do have to feel for some of these kids. Only a little, though. Some of them had it coming.

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