Watch the New Show 'Revolution' Online (For Free) Right Here!

Watch the New Show 'Revolution' Online (For Free) Right Here! As we head into the fall 2012 season, one of the big questions in TV land is whether or not NBC can regain its Lost ground with the help of an Olympics boost. If you watched the Olympics, you probably saw about a million promos for the network's new shows, including the ambitious "Revolution."

Well, now you can watch the whole first episode of "Revolution" online, for free!

The show has an intriguing concept: sometime in the relatively near future, an event occurs that shuts off any and all electronics all over the world: no lights, no appliances, no cars, no advanced weaponry. It's like "Lost," only the island is everywhere (and there's no smoke monster).

The story centers on a young woman who inherits a responsibility from her father to try to find out how to "turn the lights back on," as they put it. This apparently involves a mysterious talisman and a long journey, which the young woman takes with her friends and estranged family.

For those who enjoy steampunk and other old-fashioned odds and ends, this show could be a big draw: seeing as there's no more technology, there are a lot of swords and crossbows and such being used.

Watch the pilot episode for "Revolution" below, and let us know what you think!

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