Watch the New 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 5 Character Promos

Watch the New 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 5 Character Promos Feast your eyes, Anarchy fans, on some new footage from "Sons of Anarchy" season five!

FX has released a set of character promos, each one focusing on one of the major players in the upcoming season. Each promo also has a good deal of footage as well, which is a departure from the promos leading up to this one, which have been a little more... metaphorical.

The first two promos are supposed to focus on Nero, the new character and potential villain played by Jimmy Smits, and Tara. However, they both end up being a bit more about Gemma: the Tara spot has her standing up to Gemma in protection of the kids, while the Nero spot has Gemma clearly canoodling with Nero and throwing it in Clay's face a bit.

The Jax spot is the same as the promo that was released a few days ago, with Clay and Jax talking about the next play. So, no new footage there. However, the "Survive" spot gives a look at the Redwood Originals as a whole, focusing on all of the major characters and the potential dangers that they'll face in the coming season.

Check out the four promos for "Sons of Anarchy" season five below:

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