Watch the Preview of 'How I Met Your Mother' Season Eight: The Wedding!

Watch the Preview of 'How I Met Your Mother' Season Eight: The Wedding! Excited for the upcoming season of “How I Met Your Mother?”

Of course you are—you didn’t click on this article by accident.

Well happily CBS has released a short promo video for season eight, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Within, we largely get a preview of Barney and Quinn’s wedding preparation.

It begins with Ted assuring us sternly that “Barney Stinson is absolutely, 100% going through with this wedding.”

Meanwhile Barney seems a little less certain of his choice of tie, which one might remember as a helpful Barney metaphor from last season. He's not talking about the tie...

Interestingly they’ve intercut the wedding scenes from earlier episodes, where we’re given the impression that Robin is the bride. Are they doing a mash-up or have we been turned astray?

The short clip offers some typical Barney hilarity, including his insistence that he ride down the aisle during the ceremony astride a grizzly bear, which, obviously, will be clad in a tuxedo. Because otherwise it would be totally bizarre.

It like a few dramatic twists will be emerging too, as Lily apparently spills the beans on the previous relationship between Barney and Robin to the ignorant Quinn.

Since Ted meets that elusive Mrs. Mosby at Barney’s wedding (whichever and wherever it may be), are we finally going to figure out who it is that birthed those two incredibly bored children?

Either way, I’m figuring on tuning in for some witty one-liners and to watch where these changing relationships will lead us.

The new season premieres on Monday, Sept 24th, so set your DVR and get ready.

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