Watch the Preview for the Season 5 Finale of 'True Blood'

Watch the Preview for the Season 5 Finale of 'True Blood' Well folks, there's just one more episode left in the fifth season of "True Blood," and it airs this upcoming Sunday. I know, sad. Where will we get out weekly fix of insane storylines and gratuitous nudity? It's not like I subscribe to Cinemax or anything.

Here we have the preview for that finale episode, and it outlines just how much danger some of our heroes are in. Sookie and the faeries are clearly pretty powerless against Russell, especially now that he drained the Elder. Sam was thinking that Bill would be able to help him out, but he wasn't yet aware of the fact that Bill is completely nuts. As for Jessica and Pam, who knows what trouble they will be in?

Meanwhile, Jason (who seems to have recovered from that faerie blast/tree to the head) is decked out in commando gear and looks to be planning some kind of rescue mission. That might not end well.

Check out the episode preview for the "True Blood" season five finale below:

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