Watch a Preview of Tonight's 'Sons of Anarchy' Season Finale

Watch a Preview of Tonight's 'Sons of Anarchy' Season Finale As a show about a Southern California biker gang, you'd expect "Sons of Anarchy" to be violent, but this season it seems like virtually every character is badly bruised, beaten, sporting some sort of visible wound, dead or in the hospital.

And by the looks of the trailer for the two-part season finale starting Tuesday, that's not changing anytime soon.

Spoiler alert:

When we last left SAMCRO, Jax, Opie and Clay were in the classic Western gun-pointing standoff, and Opie finally gave Clay a little bit of what was coming to him, shooting him twice in the chest in one of the show's most explosive and shocking moments.

Is Clay dead? Will there be a new king of SAMCRO? FX has already renewed "Sons of Anarchy" for a fifth season, so I wouldn't put all my chips on that bet. Besides, everyone knows it takes more than a couple shabby little bullets to kill Hellboy.

Watch a preview of the 'Sons of Anarchy' season finale:

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