Watch a Ridiculous (Safe for Work) Trailer for the 'Dark Knight Rises' Porn Parody

Deadline is reporting today that porn producer Vivid is launching its own TV channel. That's a little yawn-worthy, but you know what isn't? The porn parody trailer for "The Dark Knight XXX."

You may remember that last year, we directed your attention to a hilariously awful trailer for the "True Blood" porn parody. It had the most hideous wig on the guy who played Eric, terrible southern accents, and vampire puns galore. The same company has now produced a parody movie for "The Dark Knight Rises" as well, but it looks awful for a completely different reason... it takes itself a bit too seriously.

No, really. The Joker shoots and kills a girl. There's a sweeping open shot of a mountain from a helicopter. The dialogue is almost completely devoid of puns. There's a dude in a full-on Bane costume. The music is hella dramatic. If it weren't for the title, you would just assume that this was a fairly high-budget fan film with a rating around PG-13.

To me, that's even funnier than Eric's awful wig and naming your main character "Suckie."

So, point and laugh at the entirely too serious "The Dark Knight XXX" trailer below. Don't worry, it's completely SFW. Which is... confusing.