Watch Rupert Grint Star in a Music Video (Not As Ron Weasley)

It's a ginger-off! "Harry Potter" star and noted redhead Rupert Grint has shown up in a music video from fellow redhead Ed Sheeran, for his song "Lego House." And yes, Grint plays with Legos in the video.

He also mouths the words to Sheeran's song and, as it turns out, stalks him like a crazy person. It's an interesting twist for the video, especially considering the fact that Grint and Sheeran look a little bit alike, and that they're good friends in real life.

Grint plays it pretty well, despite the fact that the beautifully sung lyrics do not look like they should be coming out of his mouth... but then again, maybe that's the point.

After all, we only think that Grint is the music star in this video until nearer to the end, when we find out he's actually been making scrapbooks and talking to Ed Sheeran dolls and chewing Sheeran's discarded gum.

Yeah, that last one is a little gross. But the song has a nice melody going on, so all the creepiness sorta seems okay.

Watch the music video for Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" starring Rupert Grint below: