Watch the Trailer for the New 'Borat,' Sacha Baron Cohen's 'The Dictator'

There are certainties in life that you can count on: the sun will rise every morning, Republicans and Democrats will disagree, and Sacha Baron Cohen will make movies that are incredibly offensive.

Cohen, the creator of "Borat" and "Bruno," is back with yet another character in yet another film: "The Dictator." The first trailer has hit, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from Cohen's latest laugher.

From the looks of the trailer, "The Dictator" seems to take a different approach than Cohen's previous films. With "Borat" and "Bruno," the style was more like a mockumentary, with Cohen involving strangers in his movie and using his character to get reactions out of them (and often reveal their innate racism/homophobia).

"The Dictator" looks to be more like a traditional movie: it has actors playing roles (or, in the case of Megan Fox, herself...kinda) and a much cleaner, more cinematic style. It looks like this one will more resemble a character comedy from someone like Mike Myers than previous Cohen installments. Except, of course, it will be much more offensive.

Of course, with Sacha Baron Cohen's stardom having risen to huge proportions after "Borat," it was only a matter of time before his usual documentary style became impractical. Perhaps that's why his facial hair can be a little more ridiculous in this movie... he doesn't have to fool anyone.

Check out the first trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's "The Dictator" below: