Watch the Trailer for the 'South Park' Video Game, 'The Stick of Truth'

Watch the Trailer for the 'South Park' Video Game, 'The Stick of Truth' "South Park" and video games have always gone hand-in-hand, and yet somehow simultaneously failed to create a product that was very far above terrible. In the past, the video game industry has tried first-person shooters, racing games and other genres in an attempt to make "South Park" into something playable, but to no avail.

However, the game that "South Park" fans have been waiting for may have just appeared. It's called "The Stick of Truth," and like its dramatic name suggests, it's a turn-based role-playing game. Kinda like Final Fantasy, but with more farting.

The cool thing about the game is that it plays like an interactive episode of the TV show. The script was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators of "South Park") and all of the original voice actors are on board to voice their characters, so the experience will be authentic.

In the game, you create your character, the "new kid," and befriend Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Butters as they fight off various enemies from the show like Underpants Gnomes, "Twilight" fans/vampires, and worst of all, the Crab People. The battles feature attacks from characters that reference the show, such as Cartman's flaming farts. There's even an attack that calls in Mr. Slave and has him engulf an enemy into his rectum, as he did with Paris Hilton. Yes, that happened.

With the direct involvement of Trey and Matt, this might just be the best "South Park" game ever. It's pretty likely to be the funniest RPG of all time, too.

Check out the trailer for the "South Park" video game "The Stick of Truth" below (briefly NSFW language):

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