Watch the Trailer for 'Taken 2': Now with Twice the Kidnapping!

If "Taken" taught us one thing, it's this: never share a cab with a stranger in Paris or else you'll get kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. If it taught us two things, the second would be never to f*** with Liam Neeson.

Now that the trailer for "Taken 2" is out, we can add a lot more rules to the list:

1.) Don't surprise your murderous super-spy dad or husband in Istanbul, as he's probably not there on a relaxing vacation.

2.) If you're going to rescue your daughter from a crime syndicate, try not to kill so many of them. They might get angry and want to take revenge by kidnapping more members of your family.

3.) If you're going to make a sequel to "Taken," please include as many lines like "What do you want to do?" "What I do best" as often as possible.

In summary, yes, they're making a sequel to "Taken." No, I have no idea why. Just go with it, and watch the trailer below.