Watch Two New 'Glee' Deleted Scenes, Including Santana Coming Out

Watch Two New 'Glee' Deleted Scenes, Including Santana Coming Out Summer can be a bit dreary without the constant in-your-face optimism of "Glee," can't it? If you're hungry for a dose of you-can-do-it from TV's constant underdogs (except for in ratings, of course), here are a couple of deleted scenes from season three to hold you over to the season four premiere.

Series creator Ryan Murphy has been on a deleted scene spree lately on Twitter, polling fans about what they want to see and promptly delivering. An earlier round revealed the "Bridesmaids" scene and a tender moment between Kurt and Blaine. This time, the focus is on Santana and another tender moment between Rachel and Kurt.

The Santana scene shows the moment that she comes out to the Cheerios, which was likely deleted as there were other people more important for her to come out to (like, say, her parents). It's a shame it didn't make the cut, though, as it contains one of the best Sue Sylvester lines in recent memory, commenting on how seemingly everyone at McKinley High is gay.

The second scene is a touching little senior moment between Rachel and Kurt, as the latter reads his yearbook message from the former. Aww.

Check out the two deleted scenes from "Glee" below:

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