Watch the Video Tribute from Ryan Dunn's Private Memorial Service

Watch the Video Tribute from Ryan Dunn's Private Memorial Service The guys from "Jackass" have just released a five-and-a-half minute long video dedicated to the recently departed Ryan Dunn. Dunn died in an early morning car crash on June 20th after driving his Porsche into a grove of trees after driving 130 mph.

After family members and friends held a private memorial service last week, fellow "Jackass" Johnny Knoxville posted a tribute online, and fans began leaving memorials for Dunn at the scene of the accident.

Now Dunn's friends are sharing a video with the public that played at his memorial service.

The video shows Dunn's work over the years as part of the Jackass crew, from "poo-diving" as a pre-Grizzly-Adams-beard fresh-faced young man, to getting torn into by a big-ass bull in an ill-fated turn as a rodeo rider, to getting the crap kicked out of him by a muay thai boxer.

Starting with the words "our brother" and ending with the words "we love you Ryan," it's (appropriately) pretty much non-stop laughs and classic "Jackass" footage.

Perhaps the country song that ends the tribute video puts it best, as Dunn can be heard laughing his ass off with a signature cackle.

"He ain't gone so long as he shines on in our hards...God lets the light outlive the stars."

For those looking to catch the last work of Ryan Dunn, eight new episodes of his show "Proving Ground" will air on G4 starting July 19th.

Watch the Ryan Dunn Tribute Video:

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