Watch 'X Factor' Alum Rachel Crow's New Anti-Bully Music Video

Watch 'X Factor' Alum Rachel Crow's New Anti-Bully Music Video It has been many a month since Rachel Crow was unexpectedly and unceremoniously ousted, bawling, from "The X Factor," causing (now ousted) judge Nicole Scherzinger to do her share of crying as well. It was a horrendous scene that you just can't help watching.

Nowadays, Crow is much happier. She's a Nickelodeon star, having appeared in "Fred: The Show" and guest starring on "Big Time Rush" this week. Plus, she got a record deal anyway, and is currently the most successful artist to come out of the first season of "The X Factor," at least as far as cross-platforms go.

With that record deal, Crow is still making music, and her latest music video is for her song "Mean Girls." As you might guess from the title, the song tackles the subject of bullying by addressing both victims and bullies alike.

A serious subject for such a sunny individual, but it's nice to see the young talent taking her new fame seriously and attempting to use it for positive change.

Check out Rachel Crow's music video for "Mean Girls" below:

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