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Weeds Season 8 Episode 6 Weeds Season 8 Episode 6 Recap:

This week’s episode starts off with Nancy meeting with an executive recruiter as a result of last week’s episode that she is out of money. Nancy runs through a list of her qualifications, but he only met with her because of the curiosity of her shooting. That disappointment turns into an opportunity for Nancy when she sees the father of one of Stevie’s teammates seemingly dealing drugs to the other fathers. The dealer, Terry, runs a pharmaceutical business and was handing the other fathers the drugs they need to deal with their own illnesses.

Having sworn off Jill after her interlude with Doug, Andy walks out of the bathroom to find Jill waiting on him. She announces that she is pregnant and he immediately assumes that the baby is Doug’s. Jill is not sure but hopes that it is Andy’s. She makes it clear that she misses him but Andy does not seem interested. Doug and Andy banter back and forth about the child and who the father is. Andy gives Jill a speech stating his desire to be a father and how he thinks he is ready. Jill listens playfully and simply tells Andy: “get a job.”

Silas finds RJ in a psychiatric hospital. It turns out that RJ was off his medication when he took the weed from the grow room. RJ thinks that it is somewhere in his parent’s house, but is coming off a manic episode and cannot be sure. This leads Silas to attempt to break into RJ’s parent’s home, only to walk into a surprise party. The party is expecting a male stripper and Silas plays along with the enthusiastic women who are all about Nancy’s age. Once home, the now drunken Silas admits to Nancy that RJ took the weed. Nancy tells Silas he is great at growing weed but terrible at the business side.

Shane and Angela both do well on their test in the police academy while the rest of the recruits struggle. The instructor orders the recruits to write a 500-word essay on why the recruits deserve to be cops. Seeing an opportunity, Shane offers to write the essays for two of the struggling recruits for $100 each, only to get busted by the instructor. Shane talks his way out of trouble with the instructor, who comments that Shane is going to do very well as a policeman.

The next time she sees Terry, Nancy tries to market herself for a position at his company and Terry wants his son Kyle to go over to Steve's for a sleepover. Kyle turns out to be a nightmare of a child but Nancy holds her own. After dealing with his poorly behaved son, Terry has a job ready for her and Silas as well. Terry shows them around the office and the episode closes with Terry opening the door to his company’s grow room, complete with scientists, while Nancy and Silas look on and smile.