Weekend (3/2) Trailers & Reviews: Is 'Project X' a Party Foul?

Two very different movies hit theaters this weekend, as "Project X" takes on "The Lorax" for box office domination. Will the found-footage party experiment perform well enough to top the kid-friendly Dr. Seuss adaptation? Are either of them worth your money?

"Project X"

Rated R, 87 mins.

"The Hangover" meets "Superbad" with a little bit of "The Blair Witch Project" mixed in with "Project X." The movie follows a group of lovable loser high school students who decide to throw a massive party while their parents are out of town. The result is a show of debauchery that quickly spirals out of control. The twist to the whole thing is that the movie is found-footage style, much like "Paranormal Activity," and is also in 3D.

Reviews for "Project X" are not kind thus far, as the movie has only 25% positive reviews from critics and a fairly low 68% audience reaction on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics are calling the movie "plotless," "unoriginal" and "unfunny."

See it if: Honestly, not sure why you'd want to.

"The Lorax"

The adapatations of Dr. Seuss' classics continue, this time with "The Lorax." Like "Horton Hears a Who" before it, this installment is another computer animated offering that expands upon the original story (because there wasn't quite enough of it to make a two-hour movie). Zac Efron stars as a boy who attempts to find a tree to impress a girl (voiced by Taylor Swift), and instead finds the Lorax (Danny DeVito), a creature who works to protect the endangered truffula trees.

Early reviews for "The Lorax" started out strong, but the rating on Rotten Tomatoes has since fallen to 56% with an 83% positive reaction from audiences.

See it if: You like Dr. Seuss enough to want to see the story on the screen, but not so much that you'll be upset when you see how much they've changed the story.