Weekend Box Office: 'Puss in Boots' Ousts 'Paranormal'...For Now

It was Halloween weekend, a blizzard hit the Northeast, and most of the new releases had poor reviews from critics. All in all, it wasn't a great weekend at the box office. However, one movie in particular did very well... and it's not the one you would expect to do well over Halloween.

"Puss in Boots" took the top spot this weekend, grossing about $33 million in its opener. Depending on the actuals, that could put the "Shrek" spin-off in position for a record-setting Halloween weekend gross, which formerly belonged to "Saw III" at $33.6 million. The movie has received good reviews and positive audience response, so it should hold up well in the coming weeks.

One move that didn't hold up all that well was "Paranormal Activity 3," which ended up with $19 million in its second weekend. That's a drop of 64%, but that's to be expected with the movie's massive, horror-record-setting $54 million last weekend. The cumulative total for the movie is at $81.5 million. With the actual Halloween holiday still to come, the actuals could end up being higher for "Paranormal," and the movie could have a big Monday as well.

Justin Timberlake's "In Time" opened to a fairly weak $12 million, as Timberlake's star power still doesn't seem to be enough to open a massive hit. Then again, the movie received poor reviews and is genre-heavy, so the audience might have been limited.

"Footloose" and "The Rum Diary" are fairly close with the dance flick around $5.5 million and the Depp film around $5 million. That's a very poor showing for "Rum Diary," which many see as simply a repeat of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" but with a little less oomph (read: craziness) and poorer reviews. "Loathing" has become a bit of a cult hit over time, but didn't fare well in theaters either. We'll see if "Rum" follows that pattern.

  1. "Puss in Boots" - $33 million
  2. "Paranormal Activity 3" - $19 million (cume: $81.5M)
  3. "In Time" - $12 million
  4. "Footloose" - $5.5 million ($38.5M)
  5. "The Rum Diary" - $5 million