Weekend Movie Trailers and Reviews: 'Breaking Dawn' Meets 'Happy Feet' and 'The Descendants'

The box office has been in a slump for quite a while now, which has execs worried. But you know what's good at breaking box office slumps? Sequels to animated kid's movies!

Oh, and there's also this one movie about vampires that's coming out, and I hear it's going to do pretty well.

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"

Rated PG-13, 107 mins.

It's more or less impossible not to know all about "Breaking Dawn" already, considering how much coverage the series gets. But in case you're in the dark, here you go: this is the fourth installment in what will be a five-part series, as the final book has been split into two movies, a la "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Whether or not this story actually needed to be split up is up for debate, and in fact that seems to be the only thing that fans might find wrong with it. There's plenty of fan service here, what with the wedding and honeymoon of Edward and Bella, but other than that there's not a lot that really happens.

Rotten Tomatoes has "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" at 29% among critics, with many of them citing a lack of conflict and slow pacing. Still, fans won't likely care, and sure enough the movie has also received a 92% positive audience reaction.

See it if: Do I really have to give you a reason?

"Happy Feet 2"

Rated PG, 99 mins.

"Happy Feet" was a big hit, and also got some Oscar love, most likely for its harsh environmental message that it dumped on its audience about halfway through. Now there's a sequel, and while the trailers are promising more happy dancing penguins, be warned that you might find yourself being bombarded with messages about global warming as well. Still, your kids are gonna love it.

Side note: they should have called this "Happy Feet 2: Happier Feet." Nice ring to it.

Rotten Tomatoes has "Happy Feet 2" at 41% among critics with a 71% positive audience reaction. Critics are noting that the fun is still there, but there are so many storylines that the movie becomes a bit of a jumbled, noisy mess.

See it if: You're tired of seeing "Glee" cover songs and you want to see some animated penguins give it a go.

The Descendants

Rated R, 105 mins.

Alexander Payne, who created the indie hit "Sideways," wrote and directed this gem starring George Clooney. The story centers around a father of two (Clooney) living in Hawaii who begins to question his life when his wife suffers a boating accident. The movie retains the drama and the humor that we loved from "Sideways," and adds the red-hot Clooney, who might have two movies up for Oscars this year.

Rotten Tomatoes has "The Descendants" at 90% among critics, who are calling it a "guaranteed" Oscar nominee and finding it comparable to or better than Payne's other movies, citing more sentimentality.

See it if: You want to avoid the vampires and see something with plot, character and substance.