Weekend Movie Trailers and Reviews: Tough Girls in 'Haywire' or 'Underworld'

This weekend's big openers at the box office are a rarity, as the two biggest ones are both action films starring a tough female lead. Those movies are few and far between as it is, but to have two of them open on the same weekend is nigh unheard of. Add to that the opening of "Red Tails," a movie about the Tuskegee Airmen with all black actors in the lead roles, and you have three movies that go against the Hollywood mainstream. And despite the poor reviews for "Red Tails" (33% on Rotten Tomatoes), that's a good thing.

But which one of the two tough chick action flicks should you see?


Rated R, 93 mins.

When special ops agent Mallory Kane is betrayed by those in her own organization, she must fight back to find out the truth and avoid capture from the assassins at her back. "Haywire" sounds like just another loud action thriller, but with director Steven Soderbergh at the helm, "Haywire" takes a slightly different approach. The cast is also very talented, with the likes of Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor on board.

The movie also introduces Gina Carano, an MMA fighter who does her own stunts and fight sequences in the film. This isn't just another frail Hollywood actress pretending she can kick butt... Carano is the real deal, and it shows in each action set piece.

Rotten Tomatoes has "Haywire" at a healthy 83% among critics, but the movie's exit polls are low with audiences at just above 50%. Critics call it well paced and "spare," so it could be that audiences are expecting a faster, louder, more frenetic movie. This is more "Mission: Impossible" or "Bourne Identity" than "Transformers."

See it if: You want to see Channing Tatum get his teeth kicked in.

"Underworld Awakening"

Rated R, 88 mins.

The fourth movie in the "Underworld" series brings star Kate Beckinsale back as Selene, a vampire warrior who has spent most of her time fighting in the war between the vampires and the lycans (werewolves, for those of you not hip to the lingo). This installment takes the war a step further as humans have found out about the secret war and are planning to wipe out both sides.

Rotten Tomatoes has "Underworld Awakening at only 26% among critics. That's with less than 30 reviews counted, however the number won't likely improve much. Audiences are enjoying it, however, with users rating it around 89% so far.

See it if: Well, there's Kate Beckinsale in a leather catsuit, so...