Weekend Movie Trailers & Reviews: 'Ice Age: Continental Drift' Runs Unopposed

It would seem, with "The Amazing Spider-Man" hitting theaters last week and "The Dark Knight Rises" hitting theaters next week, that nobody really wanted to take the weekend in between them for a release date. Can you blame them? Opening between those two would be like playing a set in between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. You'd be pretty forgettable.

But there are still a few movies out this weekend, including one big one. Are they worth your money? Read on to find out.

"Ice Age: Continental Drift"

Rated PG, 1 hr 34 mins

The animated "Ice Age" series returns with its fourth installment, "Ice Age: Continental Drift." Returning characters, including the trio of prehistoric beasts voiced by John Leguizamo, Ray Romano and Denis Leary, join up with new ones in a brand new story that involves (you guessed it) contental drift.

Critics are noting that, while "Continental Drift" isn't terrible, it's not exactly great either. This seems to be what the franchise is best at: making movies that are good enough to be watchable, but never truly great. As such, the current rating on Rotten Tomatoes stands at about 43% among critics, with a relatively low audience response of about 65%.

See it if: You need a place to bring the kids for a couple of hours where it's air conditioned.

"Red Lights"

Rated R, 1 hr 59 mins

"Red Lights" has quietly slotted itself in this July weekend, with barely any publicity thus far. At first you might wonder why: the movie is a paranormal thriller with an interesting story and an impressive cast, starring Cillian Murphy and Sigourney Weaver as paranormal investigators who encounter a a psychic (played by Robert DeNiro) who might be the real deal.

But the reviews are your answer: critics have "Red Lights" at around 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, calling the story "preposterous" and "incoherent" while wondering why on earth these talented actors would be a part of this movie.

See it if: Well, you can check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

"The Imposter"

Rated R, 1 hr 35 mins

In the vein of "Catfish," "The Imposter" is a documentary with a story so compelling and full of twists that it's hard to believe it all really happened. The story follows a boy who went missing in Texas at 13, only to reappear three years later in Spain. Upon his return to his family, he begins acting strangely and, though he has the same distinguishing marks that he had before, acting as though he's an entirely different person.

Critics are loving "The Imposter" thus far, with a stellar 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews are singing the praises of the movie, which manages to be an edge-of-your-seat thriller despite being a documentary with a known ending.

See it if: You like your mysteries with a side of "that really happened."