Weekend Movie Trailers & Reviews: 'Men in Black III' Is Good (Not Great) Fun

With a choice between action sci-fi comedy, horror, and quirky comedy, it's a genre-lover's dream at the box office this weekend. But which movie of the three should you spend your money on? Read on for reviews and trailers for this weekend's big openers:

"Men in Black III"

Rated PG-13, 1 hr 45 mins

After a decade away, the "Men in Black" franchise returns with a trilogy installment, with some hopes of reviving the series and pulling in some cash while it's at it. Will Smith returns as Agent J, who must travel back in time to save Agent J (Tommy Lee Jones). In the 1960's, Agent J runs into the young Agent K (Josh Brolin) and a new alien threat.

Critics have been kinder to "Men in Black III" than the second movie in the series, with most if not all critics agreeing that this third installment is an improvement. However, it doesn't quite recapture the magic of the original, and while it serves as decent entertainment (especially because of Brolin), it's not what it could be, considering all the time off. Reviews stand at 67% on Rotten Tomatoes currently.

See it if: You want to see Brolin and Jones reunited, but this time neither of them are fleeing from Javier Bardem.

"Chernobyl Diaries"

Rated R, 1 hr 30 mins

Oren Peli, the creator of "Paranormal Activity," brings you the latest found-footage horror film "Chernobyl Diaries." This one follows a group of tourists who visit the site of the Chernobyl disaster, only to find themselves facing a terror born from the wreckage.

The found footage genre is a bit tired by now, considering there have been three "Paranormal Activity" movies, POV comedies like "Project X" and even a found-footage superhero flick in "Chronicle." Yet audiences still seem to enjoy them, so here's another. Critics don't seem to be looking as favorably on this one as the "Paranormal" movies or "Chronicle," though, with the current reviews at only 38% positive. Granted, that's with less than ten counted, but the fact that the movie hasn't screened for major critics is a troubling sign.

See it if: You just can't get enough of that shaky cam.

"Moonrise Kingdom"

Rated PG-13, 1 hr 33 mins

If you have seen "The Royal Tenenbaums," "Rushmore," "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" or "The Fantastic Mr. Fox," then you're well aware of what writer/director Wes Anderson can do. And his latest installment, "Moonrise Kingdom," might even be his best yet.

The movie centers on a young boy and girl, both troubled in their own way, who fall in love at their summer camp. There's much more to it, of course, because it's Wes Anderson, but you can experience all that when you see it. The cast is incredible, featuring Anderson regulars like Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman as well as stars new to Anderson's films like Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton.

Critics have absolutely adored "Moonrise Kingdom" thus far, with the 68 reviews counted thus far on Rotten Tomatoes standing at 97% positive. Many are noting that it's Anderson at his directorial finest, precise and creative but employing much more heart than previous, more smug and cynical installments.

See it if: You're a fan of happiness.