Weepy Wednesday: Watch Meredith Vieira's 'TODAY Show' Farewell

Weepy Wednesday: Watch Meredith Vieira's 'TODAY Show' Farewell It was clearly a very wet Wednesday at the "NBC TODAY Show" studios.

For those who missed it, co-host Meredith Vieira bid her farewells after five seasons on the morning talk-show. And nary one of her loyal co-workers missed a chance to show their appreciation.

Among others, Ann Curry, Al Roker and Matt Lauer all expressed their gratitude for what they felt was a humble, enjoyable tenure. Roker in particular said that she became something much more than just a co-worker.

“You have changed my life,” said the friendly weatherman. “You have changed all of these people’s lives. And we will always, always hold a spot in our hearts… I love you.”

Co-host Matt Lauer -- his words, by the way, not mine -- "blubbered" that Vieira is a one-of-a-kind woman.

“I adore you… I have marveled over the fact that with someone who’s got talent as large as yours, how small your ego is," Lauer said, wearing an orange "Matt <3 Meredith" T-shirt in loving tribute along with Curry, Roker and others' similar shirts.

Before her last sign-off, a touched Vieira quipped that she wouldn't leave, if NBC hadn't "changed the lock on her dressing room." She joked that she was coming into this show knowing that most of her material hadn't come to her quite like it usually did, but that it was hitting her that this was it.

Have a look at Vieira's final bow below.

Personally, call me a little surprised. In my lifetime, I've also sat through the "TODAY" farewells of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel and while I didn't get a "Don't let the door ya where the Good Lord split ya" vibe, those two didn't exactly inspire the fuzzy-bunny feelings that Vieira apparently did.

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