Wes Craven Discusses A Possible 'Scream 5'

Horror writer, director and legend Wes Craven sat down recently with IGN.com on the cusp of "Scream 4" hitting Blu-Ray and DVD Oct. 4 and talked about what the future may hold for "Scream 5," explaining that Dimension head Bob Weinstein told him that "Scream 4" was the "first of a trilogy" that takes the legacy down new roads.

Craven previously told Bloody Disgusting that Kevin Williamson, who has been a part of writing all four "Scream" franchise entries so far, may be ruled out from "Scream 5" by his demanding TV schedule.

He explained that Weinstein will probably want a writer who can work the script all the way through the production, as Williamson has previously, and speculated that just may not be within Williamson's ability this time.

Williamson wrote the early "Scream 4" drafts, but when he left the project early, Ehren Kruger ultimately finished what became the final script.

"The more that Kevin is a part of it, the better," Craven told IGN. "He has a remarkable mind for this sort of thing."

Craven gets one thing from the get-go: someone important won't be back for a potential "Scream 6." More than likely, he believes, whoever it is will have lived a lot longer than "The Rules" suggest he or she should've.

"I suspect that the next time out, (Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox or David Arquette) is going to have to die," Craven said.

The "Scream" creator wants to be involved, and that can only be considered a good thing. On three particularly memorable occasions, others attempted rehashing Craven's most memorable movies and not only did "A Nightmare on Elm Street," "The Hills Have Eyes" and "The Last House on the Left" all fail without Craven's input as miserably as they possibly could've, but Craven openly said that he was against the "Nightmare" remake entirely and was helpless to stop it because New Line owns his creation's soul.

It sounds like at the very least, he's got a much more open relationship with the Weinsteins and Dimension, judging from how they've treated the "Scream" franchise and welcomed Craven's input.

"I haven't heard anything, but I know that Bob said ("Scream 4") was intended to be the first of a trilogy," Craven said. "So, you wait for that phone call. I'm doing other things too, so if it comes ahead of time, then I can do it. That would be very interesting, depending on the script of course."