Wesley Snipes: Talent Agency Is The Pimp, Client Is The Ho

Wesley Snipes: Talent Agency Is The Pimp, Client Is The Ho You wouldn't think, considering why he's behind bars, that Wesley Snipes could be counted on to deliver a solid, tough-to-discount business simile. In this instance, you'd be wrong.

Hey, so would we, for that matter. Nevertheless, Perez Hilton Friday highlighted a video now making its way quickly around the Internet: the star of "Blade" and "New Jack City" delivered a deposition for a 2008 civil case filed against him by reputed Hollywood talent agency UTA over unpaid commissions. Mr. Willie "Mays" Hayes himself told attorney Bryan Freedman at the time that in essence, UTA was his pimp and he was nothing but a ho.

"I can translate it to the way I understand it. It's no different than a pimp," Snipes said. "That's what a pimp does with a ho. A pimp will lay claim to whatever the ho produces anywhere on the planet for as long as she's a ho. And then, even after she retires from being a ho, they're still gonna make the claim."

When he puts it like that, it's hard to argue that the relationship exists otherwise. All of this, from an actor and martial artist who may not be released until July 19, 2013 from a three-year prison sentence for willfully failing to file federal income tax returns.

Check out the video below and know that for as foolish as it was not to claim any federal income tax, Snipes is no fool. The end of the video is particularly entertaining.

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