What's Jon Hamm's Favorite 'Mad Men' Episode from Season 5?

What's Jon Hamm's Favorite 'Mad Men' Episode from Season 5? Since "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm is pretty much the coolest person ever, you were probably wondering what his opinion was as far as the fifth season of "Mad Men" goes. Well, wonder no longer!

Vulture caught up with Hamm to ask him, in anticipation of the Emmys next month, what his favorite episode from the fifth season of "Mad Men" was. His answer: "The Other Woman."

Not a bad answer, either: it was probably the most talked-about episode of the season (even though nobody died in it, which is more than you can say for some other episodes), and it showed us sides of our characters that we hadn't seen, at least not to this extreme.

If you don't remember the details (spoilers follow), they included Joan (Christina Hendricks) sleeping with the gross dude from Jaguar in order to help the firm land the account, while Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) quit the firm at the end of the episode in an incredibly emotional scene with Don.

"When it aired, people were sort of outraged by the Joan storyline, like, 'Oh my God, how could she do that? What is she thinking?'” Hamm noted. “I kind of looked at it and I was like, wait a minute: Joan’s not a saint, first of all. She’s having an affair with her boss while she’s married. She’s slept with at least one other person in the office. So let’s back off that thing. And she’s also making a very sort of prudent financial decision and very much trading one thing for another. I found the kind of psychological thing of that very interesting."

In addition to the emotional levels and the moral debate that raged over Joan, the episode also featured a nice little misdirection using a time jump that made Joan's decision that much more surprising.

Do you agree that this was the best episode of the season? If not, which was your favorite?

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