What's New Tonight: Wednesday, June 19th.

What's New Tonight: Wednesday, June 19th. 8:00 PM EST:

MasterChef” on FOX. A mystery box challenge, featuring mysterious foreign ingredients, is the star of the show. The contestants are tasked with preparing a meal for the cast and crew of “Glee”. Jane Lych, Matthew Morrison, and Cory Monteith will serve as judges.

“Melissa & Joey” on ABCFAM. Mel starts dating an old friend from her childhood, but Joe worries that Mel may be related to the man she’s dating and not know it. Lennox learns that one of her blog sponsors may engage in some unfair labor practices.

The American Baking Competition” on CBS. The bakers are tasked with making bread.

9:00 PM EST:

“Franklin & Bash” on TNT. Season 3 Premiere. Rachel King, legal hotshot extraordinaire, humiliates Franklin and Bash on national television. Impressed by her stunt, Stanton hires her to help run his firm. Pindar finds some termites in his bed. Damien leaks an embarrassing video that goes viral. Franklin and Bash represent a magician with a missing bracelet.

MythBusters” on DSC. Tasked with using only duct tape, Adam and Jamie go rappelling and whitewater rafting.

Royal Pains” on USA. Hank treats a police officer whose daughter may be detrimental to his health. Evan and Paige are stuck in a neighborhood feud. Divya faces a rough time with the recent changes in her life. A patient makes Hank a surprising offer.

10:00 PM EST:

Futurama” on COMEDY. Final Season Premiere. Professor Farnsworth joins a street racing gang. Fry and Leela are surprised when their romantic vacation happens to be in an alien zoo.

Hot In Cleveland” on TVLAND. When Joy, Victoria, and Melanie try to help Elka out of a rough spot, they begin to realize that her penchant for illegal activities is actually putting her life in danger.

Necessary Roughness” on USA. Dani helps out a former child star whose career is suffering. Nico and Dani don’t see eye to eye. Connor hopes to help T.K. land a new endorsement deal by giving his image a makeover.

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