What's in Store for 'The Big Bang Theory'?

What's in Store for 'The Big Bang Theory'? What is in store for “The Big Bang Theory” this season? Beware, there are spoilers ahead!

1) Sheldon and Amy’s relationship will reach new territory. “Amy wants more,” says Mayim Bialik, “and we see what Sheldon thinks.” This season promises some big Amy/Sheldon episodes. “[The writers] wanted to introduce some tension into their relationship,” she adds. “Sheldon’s reaction is totally not what I would have expected. But it’s still super consistent with him.”

2) Bernadette and Howard hit a rough patch as their honeymoon phase begins to wear off. Howard has to learn to cope with his wife having a very high power job that makes a lot more money than he does. The couple has to learn how to be a couple, how to spend their money wisely, and how Bernadette’s salary affects their relationship.

3) Raj and Howard find a website that will make action figures of themselves for just $500. “Of course, [the toys] come out looking horrible,” says Simon Helberg. Bernadette isn’t too happy when she hears how much it cost.

4) Penny, the perpetually hopeful actress, finally lands an acting job; a small community theater production of “A Streetcar Named Desire”.

5) With Howard newly married, his mother is left alone without a son to spoil. When Raj checks in on her, he quickly finds himself as a replacement Howard.

Not much news has been revealed about Leonard, or his continuing relationship with Penny. Guess some things are better left unspoiled.

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