White Collar Winter Season Previews; Plus Where is Elizabeth?

White Collar Winter Season Previews; Plus Where is Elizabeth?

Missing your weekly dose of Matt Bomer's baby blues? Well you don't have long to wait until season 3 of "White Collar" returns to USA on January 17th.

If you still can't wait though, USA has released some new video previews that give some hints about where the show is going headed into the end of it's third season.

In case you forgot, "White Collar"'s summer finale left viewers with quite a cliffhanger. Former con man Neal Caffrey returned to his criminal ways with pal Mozzie (Willie Garson) when they stole some Nazi artifacts. Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones after this priceless treasure. So too was fellow criminal from Neal's past named Keller. When Keller realized that Neal had the loot, he kidnapped partner Peter Burke's (Tim DeKay) wife Elizabeth (Tiffany Thesisn).

What happened to Elizabeth? That will be the crux of the season premiere when the show returns with an episode called "Checkmate". But if you can't wait that long to find out Elizabeth's fate, maybe you want to do some detective work yourself?

USA has up a website collecting fan theories and clues about what happened to the former Kelly Kapowski. Check out the site here: Where is Elizabeth Burke? and add your theory. You can also check back for daily evidence up until the show returns.

While you're putting on your thinking cap and poring over clues, why not watch these previews for the show's return. It looks like Neal might finally have a chance to be truly free, but does he deserve it? And has he really changed ways?

Here's an extended peak at "White Collar"'s winter season:

And here's a preview for the winter premiere "Checkmate":

What do you think happened to Elizabeth? Are you looking forward to "White Collar"'s return? Sound off in the comments!