Whitney Houston's Daughter May Have Ditched Family To Get High

Whitney Houston's Daughter May Have Ditched Family To Get High As fans, friends and contemporaries continue mourning and accepting the loss of pop music legend Whitney Houston, her family left behind simply hopes another "goodbye" won't soon be coming.

The Houston family hasn't officially, publicly acknowledged the talk, but "sources" - of course, unnamed - have begun claiming Bobby Kristina Houston Brown, Houston's sole child by ex-husband Bobby Brown, has adopted the substance-abuse problems that made both her parents as infamous as famous.

Such "sources" have claimed that following Saturday's memorial service honoring the 48-year-old Houston, who was found unconcious Feb. 11 in her Beverly Hills Hilton hotel room bathtub and pronounced dead at the scene, the family scrambled as Bobbi Kristina allegedly disappeared, reported The Daily Beast. At the same time the 18-year-old went into seclusion, relatives had convened at a Newark, NJ eatery following the emotional tribute featuring a stirring speech by Houston's friend and "The Bodyguard" co-star Kevin Costner and sung tributes by friends Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

"Everyone was freaking out and calling Bobbi Kristina's cell," said a longtime family friend according to The Daily Beast. "It was so much commotion and activity after the funeral that Bobbi Kristina just slipped away. Ms. Cissy [Houston, Whitney's mother] was besides herself.

"There was some confusion about Bobbi Kristina's whereabouts last night for a short time, but she's OK," a Houston family spokesperson told The Daily Beast. "She needed some time alone . . . She is going through a very hard time as you can expect." The spokesperson also denied that Bobbi Kristina has fallen into a drug habit.

During particularly the latter half of Houston's 15-year marriage to brown spanning from 1992-2007, her issues with drugs and alcohol became nigh impossible to hide. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Houston became notorious for showing up late (if at all) for interviews and scheduled appearances, frequently canceling performances and at one point even being fired from a scheduled 2000 Academy Awards performance by musical director and close friend Burt Bacharach. Houston would later come clean about her problems with Oprah Winfrey in a tell-all interview, including confirming that she would sometimes lace marijuana with rock cocaine.

The night before her death, paparazzi photographed Houston leaving a Los Angeles-area nightclub, appearing disoriented and bearing cuts and blood. Friends have since confirmed she'd been drinking leading up to the night of her death, and police confiscated several bottles of prescription pills from the scene including Xanax.

Though she was being considered by "The X Factor" executive producer Simon Cowell to replace either Nicole Scherzinger or Paula Abdul this fall as a judge on the hit FOX talent search, the years of substance abuse had taken a noticeable toll on her once-powerful voice, leaving it raspy and weaker than when she was at her early-'90s peak. In May 2011, Houston had entered her third rehabilitation stint.

The aforementioned Houston family spokesperson wouldn't address the issue directly with The Daily Beast, but a family friend claims Bobbi Kristina entered rehab herself last year. Multiple sources also claimed that the family had "serious discussions" before Saturday's memorial service about getting Bobbi Kristina into rehab again. Those same sources claim she drowned in pills her shock and sadness at her mother's death the night Whitney was found.

Brown caused a scene when he arrived at the funeral but was kept at bay by security - and equally importantly, kept away from his daughter. Cissy, who a source allegedly close with the Houston family claims detests Brown, reportedly let him stay so that a scene could be avoided. Nevertheless, the tension took its toll upon Bobbi Kristina, The Daily Beast reports.

Hours later, Bobbi Kristina was allegedly finally found "getting high" at a hotel, as an unnamed source claims. A second source who was reportedly told about the incident by a Houston family member confirmed the claim to the Beast, but the spokesperson for the Houstons denied it happened at all.

"It's a horrible situation for everybody," a rumored "close family friend" told the Beast. "They tried to save Whitney, and it didn't work. Now with Bobbi Kristina, they fear the same thing is happening again and they won't be able to stop it either. Bobbi Kristina is all Ms. Cissy has left of Whitney. She's so tired, but she's ready to fight again to save her grandbaby."

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