Why Won't Rachel Zoe Dress Snooki?

Why Won't Rachel Zoe Dress Snooki? In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, stylist and Bravo reality TV star Rachel Zoe said that she wouldn't dress "Jersey Shore" star Snooki. But it's not because of Snooki's style or her over-the-top hair poof: Zoe said simply, "I don't have time."

"That's like a full-time job," explained the style maven. "It's nothing against Snooki."

She isn't kidding, either: Zoe is nine months pregnant and due any day now, she has a career in fashion and a career on TV to manage, and she recently attended the Oscars to dress Anne Hathaway for all her co-hosting duties. And anyone who saw the Oscars knows that must have been a chore: Hathaway had a lot of outfit changes.

But Rachel Zoe doesn't mind all the work, and she doesn't seem stressed about her many duties. "I can say in all honesty that being pregnant, working with the kind of people I work with and being this businesswoman has been a really wonderful, drama-free time in my life," said Zoe in the interview.

So, it looks like Snooki is doomed to wear her ridiculously high pumps, short dresses, and big poofs for now.

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