Why Wouldn't Jamie Dornan Go Fully Nude for 'Fifty Shades Freed'?

Yes, Fifty Shades Freed and the other movies in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise are largely about sex. That wasn't enough justification for a full frontal nude scene from star Jamie Dornan, though. Dornan was plenty willing to show off his bare backside for the camera, but when it came to showing the rest of his bits, he drew the line. Those bits were not "essential to the story" Dornan said in a recent interview. Actually, we thought those bits were what the whole story was about.

Via Us Weekly.

Setting boundaries. Jamie Dornan wanted to keep some of his body private while filming the sex scenes in Fifty Shades Freed.

In an interview with ELLE, published on Tuesday, February 6, the actor, 35 — who plays BDSM aficionado and billionaire Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades franchise — explained why he chose to not go fully nude.

“I don’t know if I said I wouldn’t,” Dornan told the publication. “You see my arse quite a lot. That doesn’t really bother me. You see a lot of Dakota [Johnson]’s tits. I would show my tits if I had them. I just thought we don’t need to be flashing the rest if it’s not essential to the story. We’re not making porn as much as people think we are.”

Dornan also addressed a rumor that the studio offered him $1 million to do full-frontal nudity. “It was $30 million—to show one testicle,” he joked. “No, that whole thing with offering more money to go nude? That didn’t happen.”

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