'The World According to SINGLE Paris': Hilton Dishes on the Single Life Post-Breakup

'The World According to SINGLE Paris': Hilton Dishes on the Single Life Post-Breakup Hit the road Jack Cy, and don't cha come back no more...

Paris Hilton and her cocaine slinging boyfriend, Cy Waits, have officially called it quits.

In a statement Hilton's rep had this to say, “I can confirm that Paris Hilton and Cy Waits have ended their relationship. It was a joint and amicable decision. They both have respect and care for one another and ask for you to please respect their privacy.”

After her rep confirmed the split (and asked for privacy for the couple), Paris Hilton readily dished about her life after Cy. At an I Heart Ronson and JC Penney Collection Event in L.A. last night the Oxygen star told the media, "I've never been single in my life."

The socialite, who turned 30 this year, continued, “I’ve always had a boyfriend and I’ve always been scared to be alone, so I’ve been that type of person that needs somebody and never got to know myself. When I’m in a relationship I give my all and I’m 100%, so I’m excited to get to know myself and spend time with my family, my sister, and my girls.”

Yes, Paris, we agree! After several failed relationships and two failed engagements, it is probably time to find out who you are as an independent woman.

Find out what caused the split in a video after the jump

As for her summer travel plans, Paris will be jet-setting as usual. She will make her way overseas to St. Tropez and Italy and she intends on hitting the Malibu scene hard.

Oxygen viewers have gotten unprecedented look inside Hilton's life and relationship on the first season of "The World According to Paris" but the heiress says that next season will be different. How so you ask? Allow her to tell you, "It’s going to be a lot different than this season – a lot of fun, a lot of hanging out with my girls, and just living life to the fullest.”

Pretty sure you have been living a full life your whole life, but good for you!

Check out this interview with Paris last week and get the dirt on the rumors behind the breakup:

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