Would Brooke Burke Charvet Be Down For 'Dancing With The Stars All-Stars'?

Brooke Burke Dancing With The Stars "Dancing with the Stars" interviewer Brooke Burke Charvet stopped by "Rachael Ray" and shared some thoughts about this season's crop of fleet-footed celebrities.

She shared some mildly drooling thoughts we might add. She's got a particular fondness for Cuban-American telenovela star William Levy and all-grown-up former teen star Jaleel "Steve Urkel" White. All in all, though, the gorgeous lady had not a bad thing to say about the whole bunch.

"Even if [William Levy] couldn't dance, which the guy can dance - just bonus right there - he's just beautiful and amazing," she said. "I think Jaleel really came out and surprised everyone . . . There were so many great people."

She had her impressions to share of a few other contestants, but it really made the interview interesting when Ray brought up some hypothetical "Dancing With The Stars All-Stars" concept, and whether she'd set down her microphone and vie for a title. Of course, before she was the pretty face greeting celebs and pros coming breathlessly off the floor, she won her own Mirror Ball Trophy in 2008's seventh season. She took up co-hosting duties in 2010, and has been at that ever since.

It is funny Ray would bring it up, though. The Huffington Post previously listed "Dancing With The Stars" in good company near "American Idol" among shows that could produce stellar "all-star"-type seasons featuring past winners.

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