The Writer's Guild Makes Blue Valentine and Toy Story 3 Off Limits

The King’s Speech – a movie up for all kinds of Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards – has just been denied! The Writer’s Guild also has some awards coming out and they have some different rules for eligible movies, it seems.

The King’s Speech, Blue Valentine and Toy Story 3 are just three of the ten films ruled as ineligible.

All three movies have been popular with critics and with viewers. So why the snub by the Writer’s Guild? They didn’t follow the writing rules of the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA). From the Hollywood Reporter:

The Writers Guild has ruled some of 2010's best-written scripts ineligible for a WGA Award, since they weren't filmed under WGA jurisdiction. A screenplay that fails to get a WGA nom can still grab an Oscar nom, of course, but it becomes harder to take home a writing Oscar, since the big prizes tend to follow WGA choices.

Now, for the people at Pixar, they might not really care. They can laugh all the way to the bank with the money they made off the movie. Does an award help them? Probably not because they have movies lined up for the next four to five years probably. They will be making loads of money.

The other movies – where script writers and actors are involved – it can hurt. Not only the writers, because they won’t earn deserved recognition, but the actors who worked hard in those roles.

Is it fair? Sure, it happens every year. The WGA has rules for a reason. Now, are rules meant to be followed or broken?