Will 'X Factor' Contestant Rachel Crow Be a Disney Star?

Will 'X Factor' Contestant Rachel Crow Be a Disney Star? When the US version of "The X Factor" began a couple of months ago, Simon Cowell and the rest of the show's producers knew that the series needed to start off with a bang.

The show needed to distance itself from "American Idol" and "The Voice" by showcasing the kind of talent worthy of a $5 million prize.

So it's saying something that the show decided to air the audition of 13-year-old Rachel Crow first.

Crow's audition was the first one out of the gate, and she wowed the judges with her surprisingly strong voice in her rendition of Duffy's "Mercy."

Since then, Crow has gone on to survive Boot Camp, get through to the live rounds, and make it through the first few eliminations without even having to sing for survival once in the bottom two.

With that kind of talent, it's no surprise that Disney has started to take notice. Crow told Access Hollywood that she knows the company is interested in signing her on, and notes that it's "pretty cool." But when asked if she'll accept a position on the Disney roster, she noted "I can't, because I'm doing this, but maybe in the future."

Rachel's strong singing is matched (or possibly surpassed) by her sunny personality, which has earned her a spot as an audience favorite. Though her singing might not match that of some of the more seasoned competitors, having the audience on your side helps you along in a voting competition like "The X Factor," so Crow has a decent chance at a win here.

But having one of the biggest entertainment giants at your back, especially one that caters specifically to your age group, is a good thing to have as a backup, don't you think?

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