Was 'The X Factor' Flasher Totally Staged? Similar Incidents Have Occurred Twice on UK Show

Was 'The X Factor' Flasher Totally Staged? Similar Incidents Have Occurred Twice on UK Show At some point in time during last night's two-hour mega-premiere of Simon Cowell's much-ballyhooed new $5 million dollar talent competition, scruffy long-haired "classically-trained" musician Geo Godly sauntered on-stage and gave judges and the audience a revealing performance they won't likely forget.

Singing "let's get nude, don't be a prude...I'm a stud," the tie-dyed t-shirt and silver-jumpsuit-wearing contestant awkwardly sang while dancing and jumping around before dropping his pants and showing everyone in the building his genitalia.

Nicole Scherzinger screamed, Simon looked disgusted and asked "What the bloody hell was that?" while Paula ran for the hills.

"That was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting ... get him out of the building, please," L.A. Reid said, but of course not before he was allowed to continue for quite some time, and each judge, besides Paula, who was supposedly off in the other room ralphing, were asked to give their yes or no answer to his performance.

Mind you, "The X Factor" is a family show, and there were certainly children in the audience (some of which were pictured leaving with their parents), yet no police showed up to cart the flasher off despite him allegedly showing the entire audience his junk, he was not hastily carted off by security in cuffs. Quite the contrary - he was interviewed about why he thought he didn't make it past the initial round and treated as if he was just another contestant.

Social media networks were abuzz with audience members asking "Why didn't this alleged Geo Godly fellow get carted off to jail again, exactly?"

Great question.

The answer may lie in the fact that the British version of the show had a similar incident occur, only this time to the delight and bemusement of fans.

On that show, a mother of two sang the Cascada dance anthem ‘Everytime We Touch’ at an audition in Cardiff, Wales only to end up exposing herself to the audience "on accident."

According to a report from that performance (back in July) by UK pub Tellymix, “The poor girl didn’t know how much of herself she was showing to the judges and the audience. Kelly (Rowland) couldn’t stop laughing while Gary (Barlow) hid the sight with a bit of paper."

In yet another incident on the UK version of "The X Factor" the Sun reported that a man exposed himself to "judges Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland as the pair took to the stage with fellow judges Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh. Security leapt on the perv, bundled him out of a side door and turfed him out into the street...Thankfully, because the lights weren't on the judges, people couldn't see the expression of horror on their faces. But it wasn't dark enough to stop security from seeing the reprobate and they wrenched him from his seat before he could even do up his flies."

While the swift security response was different from the opening episode of last night's U.S. version of "The X Factor," it seems like perhaps there's a rather suspicious trend developing here.

Did "The X Factor" fake a flasher based on incidents from their UK show, or was goody musician Geo Godly just a lone pervert allowed to go awry?

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