'X Factor' Video: Watch the Top 5 Perform (With Chris Rene's New Original!)

'X Factor' Video: Watch the Top 5 Perform (With Chris Rene's New Original!) For the first time in quite a few week, "The X Factor" tossed their theme nights out the window and gave their contestants a chance to sing what they wanted to sing.

Of course, that wasn't really the show's first choice... an error with the voting in the "Pepsi Challenge" meant that the songs that the contestants were supposed to sing weren't determined on time.

So, the top 5 scrambled to perfect their safety songs, each having only a day to prepare. All things considered, they did pretty well. Each contestant also started off the night with a very short "club hit" song set to a dance beat.

Who won the night? Lately, it's been almost impossible to tell: on a week when it seemed Astro had outperformed everyone, he was sent to the bottom two, and just a couple weeks later was eliminated. Last week, though other contestants had received tougher criticism, Drew was sent home in an upset decision.

Check out the videos of the Top 5's "contestant's choice" songs below, and let us know who you think should win it!

Marcus Canty was the one with the most to prove, having been in the bottom two twice, and delivered last night with an excellent performance of "Song For You." But was it enough to keep him from being in the bottom two again tonight?

Watch "The X Factor" performances:

Rachel Crow chose to continue the Michael Jackson celebration that's been going on this week at Fox (between last week's "X Factor" and this week's "Glee") with a performance of "Music and Me" that the judges loved. But Rachel could possibly find herself in trouble with voters due to interest from Disney outside of the show... will the viewing audience still want to give her the $5 million prize, knowing that she might have a Disney contract soon anyway?

Melanie Amaro went back to her diva roots with a performance of "When You Believe" by Whitney Houston. There's no denying that her voice is great, but can her personality bring her through to the end? Will her new accent help or hinder her in winning over the voters?

Josh Krajcik chose "Something" by The Beatles, bringing another classic artist into the competition. Josh seems to be one of the favorites to win, but he is also now the oldest contestant on the show... will that hurt his chances with the voters, who tend to skew younger?

Chris Rene was perhaps the biggest story of the night, returning to what made him shine in the preliminary auditions by performing an original song. "Young Homie" impressed the judges back at Chris' first audition, and they were once again wowed by Chris' songwriting abilities. Chris' voice isn't as strong as the other competitors', but could his personality, backstory and originality help him win?

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