Yahoo Answers Prayers, Roasts 'The Bachelor'

Yahoo Answers Prayers, Roasts 'The Bachelor' It's like God came home from vacation, checked his messages, and got all at once every one of my prayers for some helping spit-roasting "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."

I think I just became a church-goer.

Today, Yahoo! debuted a new digital entertainment venture: Ben Stiller's online original series "Burning Love," a mock-up reality series poking ABC's favorite amorous clusterf**k with pointy sticks. Oh, and he didn't come alone, either. The series co-stars familiar faces like Kristen Bell, Ken Jeong of "The Hangover" and "Community," Malin Akerman of "Watchmen," and....well, Michael Ian Black.

Sorry, folks. I've never found this guy funny and I probably never will. But....Kristen Bell!

Stiller appears only briefly in the opening "Previously On..." scene playing previous bachelor Joe Rutherford, who's proposing to blonde aerobics instructor Symphony Hodge. From then on, Ken Marino plays ridiculously half-dressed bachelor Mark Orlando, who's "looking for someone to ignite the flames of love."

Seriously, it's like Stiller actually DID make himself sit through these horrid, horrid shows.

"I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh, but isn't afraid of robots. Somebody ethnic," the dippy doofus tells this spoof's Chris Harrison-type host, played by Black.

By all means, check the 8-minute debut episode out below. I will meanwhile be subjecting myself to the real thing, since someone has to get paid to do it.

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