Yes, A 'Total Recall' Woman Will Have Three Breasts. Stop Asking.

Admit it. Just admit it right now. The moment you read the words "'Total Recall' remake" way back when, this was the burning question that seared itself into your mind the way Tea Partiers probably wonder, "Yeah, who is John Galt?"

So let remake director Len Wiseman assuage your pressing concerns: yes, there will be a three-breasted woman in his remake, as he recently told Collider.

Wiseman did clarify that he's not so much tracing the lines of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi hit. He's instead riffing more so off the original Phillip K. Dick story on which that movie was based. Nevertheless, Wiseman is apparently cool with a little fan-service and wants to sprinkle some nods to the Schwarzenegger version that's more familiar to most.

Wiseman told Collider he first saw "Total Recall" at 15 years old, so he went back and watched it again so that he could decide which little nods would make the most impact.

He also had to take into consideration the nuances of making his PG-13 remake versus what could be left in the 1990 R-rated film. Even then, he tried a few approaches to the three-breasted woman. What fans don't see on the big screen, they can probably catch when the film hits DVD, he said. But he needed backup plans in case something he shot didn't pass MPAA PG-13 muster on the first go-round.

"There are different versions of the three-breasted woman," he said. "You can't make 'Total Recall' without certain things."

"Total Recall" will star Colin Farrell as Quaid, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel as his respective wife and girlfriend, as well as Bryan Cranston and Ethan Hawke.