Yet Another 'American Horror Story' Season 2 Promo: The Scariest Bath Time

Yet Another 'American Horror Story' Season 2 Promo: The Scariest Bath Time It looks as though "American Horror Story" will be releasing a new promo every day, and lord help us, we just can't stop sharing them. They're ever so good.

We already saw a clip taking place outside the second season's asylum setting, with a nun emptying a bucket of body parts. Then, we got a look inside the asylum with a creepy masked nun who was being watched, and watching us.

This third promo takes us even deeper inside the asylum, showing us some kind of bath. Of course there's a body in there, because that makes it that much creepier... question is, is it a corpse or a living person? What is the bath for? Some kind of therapy for inmates, or a method of disposal? There's a zipper and a few straps on it, making it look like a strait jacket... maybe it's a means of restraining someone—or something—in the asylum.

The scariest thing about the promo might be the sound, though, which cracks in loud just at the right time to make you jump a bit. The show is great, yes, but I will say this too: these guys know how to make a hell of a set of promos.

Check out the third "American Horror Story: Asylum" promo below. The show will premiere sometime in October, and we can't wait!

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