Yidio Emmy Spotlight: Outstanding Reality Show

Yidio Emmy Spotlight: Outstanding Reality Show In the Yidio Emmy spotlight we take a gander at some of the toughest races in this year’s Emmy Awards. Today, we’re looking at a category that’s infested the airwaves but isn’t often awarded for excellence: reality television.

Past Winners:

Since the Emmy’s introduced the reality category in 2003 only two shows have won top honors in reality achievement: “The Amazing Race” won a staggering seven statues in a row before “Top Chef” usurped the crown at last year’s ceremony. Will one of these two shows win again this year?

The Nominees:

“The Amazing Race”
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
Project Runway
So You Think You Can Dance
“Top Chef”

Handicapping the Race:

The Emmys might have taken a long time to warm up to reality television but they certainly seem to like reality competition programs now. All of the nominees this year fall into the competitive reality bracket of programming. Better luck next year, “Jersey Shore”.

While “American Idol” is an undisputed titan in the ratings every year, the nature of the program might make it hard for Emmy voters to assess. Emmy voters only look at one episode submitted for nomination and the scope of “Idol” might not lead itself to being judged by an individual episode.

“Dancing With the Stars” is a fun, glittery, weirdly-costumed good time but might seem a little light for the Emmys. Same with “So You Think You Can Dance” although at least that hoofing show never counted Kate Gosslin among it’s contestants.

“Top Chef” won last year, upsetting the consecutive winning streak of “The Amazing Race” and might be able to start its own winning streak this year.  “Top Chef” is a show that is both fun and interesting and the contestants have to possess some real kitchen skills to make it through.

The same can be said of “Project Runway” which has been nominated numerous times but has yet to make it work all the way up to the podium. The show sports crazy design challenges and crazier contestants but also showcases real talent and the wit and wisdom of Tim Gunn. If the Emmys branched out towards Bravo last year, maybe they’ll want to do it again.

Which brings us to category MVP “The Amazing Race”. Unlike a lot of the other reality offerings, the show lends itself to Emmy judging. Drop in on the show at any point and you experience the thrill of competition as well as different cultures and personalities. But maybe the Emmys are tired of hearing critics complain that the show takes home the top prize every year?


This is a harder race to call after last year’s “Top Chef” surprise than it’s been since the category’s inception. I think the top contenders are “Top Chef”, “Project Runway” and “The Amazing Race."

While “The Amazing Race” could always, ALWAYS take the top prize, I think viewers are tired of the monotony of the show winning every year. After “Top Chef” won last year I think it might finally be “Project Runway’s” time to shine. Long considered one of the best reality programs on television, I’m saying that this year the fashion show will be in instead of out.

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